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About Us

Our ethos: Accessories for Life

MURANO started life in 2009 with a simple mission: to develop and market Brands through unique and affordable solutions. Marketing brands that makes difference to people.

Marketing Brands and Products are brought in by MURANO that carry build on reliability, brand equity and consumer centrism. It’s beyond simply functional. They reflect the voices of consumers in respective markets and deliver beyond expectations to fulfill a need or a want.


We ensure innovative products go to market through innovative strategies. At Murano Pte Ltd, our job is to place the product at the right place, through the right people, with the right promotion, and at the pricing. We do not believe that products can be moved along intermediaries without careful planning, effective strategies, and attractive promotions. We utilize product roadshows, rebate coupons, database marketing, product reviews in multiple media channels to enhance the visibility of our supplier’s products. Our goal is not only to deliver innovative products to end users but to do it in style and in the most effective ways.


We realize that hi-tech products require hi-tech support. We have a team of dedicated engineers providing telephone and email supports to our dealers and customers. For dealers, we provide on-site training for their sales in order to know both the technical aspect and selling techniques of our products. Occasionally, we also offer free training program to end users.

Brand Building

Murano delivers its brand promise and enhances brand equity through our in-depth market knowledge, brand management, and our strong relationships with retail channels across the region. With our deep understanding of the retail partners' requirement and demands, we are able roll out new products and brands in stores providing good in-store display design and shelf space share that enhances the brand story and positioning. This helps us to effectively connects the brand to the local consumers.

Integrated Marketing

Murano has a unique ability to connect with influencing consumers through urban lifestyle culture. We run fully integrated brand building programs from visual merchandising and store promoters though to marketing, events, seeding influencers, and social media. With our experience in digital strategy, social media implementation, e-commerce and KOL management, we are able to build up your brand image and create demand. Our goal is always to create a seamless and consistent brand message at every interaction with consumers.

Protecting Brands

We believe in a long-term strategic approach to brand building and we choose our partner brands carefully. We work closely with the brands towards common goals of increased brand value, effective localised communication of the brand promise, and lasting penetration into the market. We invest heavily in the brands we represent and we deliver real long term value to the brand owners. We also work diligently to protect brands’ intellectual property, territorial borders, counterfeits, and pricing levels in the challenging South East Asian market.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising contributes to a brand’s personality and the characteristics associated with the brand. We help brands to differentiate itself from its competitors, create brand loyalty, and allow for a brand to place their products that tells its story. We communicate with customers through elements that stimulate their senses with our retail space conceptualisation, in-store display, planogram planning, POS display and materials, furniture design and production.


The digital transformation across ASEAN has spur the growth of e-commerce. It is an essential part of the equation to the overall brand building. We have a very strong presence in all major e-commerce platform with digital brand store. We manage different demand driven digital campaigns with experience in digital marketing and live streaming strategy. This enables the brand to have a strong online presence in additional to the retail storefront which enhance the brand story. The O2O experience to the consumers give a consistent value perception in connecting to the brand.