Perfect video recording solution for youtubers, podcasters, vloggers.

Saramonic SmartMic MTV is a multifunctional video kit, which well-suited for a varity of applications such as home studio recording, live streaming, podcast, and more.

It’s a perfect audio solution for smartphones that provides up to 24bit/48kHz audio resolution and captures a wide stereo sound for your subject Stable, flexible, rugged design, it creates a more comfortable experience and also compatible tablets, computers(the additional USB-A cable not included),when using on either indoor or outdoor condition.

Thanks to the self-contained accessories of kit, the SmartMic MTV is a smart choice for user which can immediately focus on their recording subject.

• Universal smartphone video kit
• Quick and easy setup, no driver needed
• Customized for youtubers, podcaster and videographers
• Compact and durable mental construction
• Stereo condenser microphone
• Delivers up to 24bit/48kHz high resolution
• Support zero-latency monitoring

Weight: 0.64 kg
Dimension : 34 x 6 x 18 cm

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